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  • Who is managing your most important project?

    Posted on March 30th, 2009 Peter Tjernström No comments

    The world is in the middle of the toughest economic downturn in decades. Company spending and investment is being slashed everywhere. As a businessman, chief executive of a Fortune 500 company or a self-made entrepreneur, you are probably thinking about which projects you really can afford moving forward.

    You should also be asking yourself: Who is managing my most important project? What challenges must this person be able to overcome? And what are the  required qualifications and skills to make that project a success?

    As for the challenges, I am rather convinced that you will end up with a list similar to this one (at least if your company is of the bigger kind):

    First of all, your most important project is critical for your business. Since it is critical for your business many people are interested in the status, and hence the project manager (PM) has to be able to deal with all sorts of important internal and possibly external stakeholders.

    If you’re operating in a global environment, the project is inevitably spread over many sites and involves people of many different cultures. Hence, your PM can’t be afraid of travelling, he or she does not only need to have language skills, he or she must also be able to interpret messages depending on the cultural background of the messenger.  Of course your most important projects carries many high risks, and yes, it just happens to be on a tight schedule.  Does this sound familiar? That’s great! We can help you with your project!

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